Muckleshoot Youth, Adult and Higher Education

Adult Education

A wide selection of degree/certification programs to jumpstart your future.


Muckleshoot Tribal College is a tribally-directed education leader, promoting life-long learning and the power to choose. Through strategic partnerships, we create a culturally-inspiring environment that expands academic and career opportunities for our immediate Tribal family and extended community.

Youth Programs

Introducing Muckleshoot youth ages 14 to 18 to college and career information.

Youth Programs

The mission of the Muckleshoot College and Career Education Opportunities Program is to introduce Muckleshoot youth ages 14 to 18 to college and career information both academic and experiential; in order to assist them in making informed decisions and taking the necessary action when choosing a career path. Careers within Muckleshoot Tribal enterprises will be of primary focus, but participants will have the opportunity to explore any career field in which they have interest.

Scholarship Department

Vocational & Non-Vocational Certifications funded by Muckleshoot Scholarship.

Opportunity for Every Tribal Member

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe believes that each tribal member should have the opportunity and support from the Tribe to achieve his or her educational goals. The Tribe views the Higher Education and Vocational-Technical Scholarship Program as an investment in both the tribal member and the future of the tribal community.

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