College and Career Education Opportunities Program

Program Description

The CCEO Program is a career exploration program that enables Muckleshoot enrolled youth to explore careers in a variety of professions and businesses, and through these experiences, gain the knowledge and confidence necessary for making future career and education decisions. The program involves many aspects, all designed to educate students in their career direction and choices.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Muckleshoot College and Career Education Opportunities Program is to introduce Muckleshoot youth ages 14 to 18 to college and career information both academic and experiential; in order to assist them in making informed decisions and taking the necessary action when choosing a career path. Careers within Muckleshoot Tribal enterprises will be of primary focus, but participants will have the opportunity to explore any career field in which they have interest.

Services Provided

  • Opportunities to Develop Job Skills
  • Gain Work Experience
  • Acquire Work Ethics
  • Educational Workshops
  • Team Building Seminars
  • Off Site Field Trips
  • Career Interest
  • Career Preparations and Presentations
  • Career Fair
  • Internship
  • Career and Job Shadowing
  • Career Excursions


Sonja Moses, CCEOP Program Manager, (253) 876-3372

Josie Benito, CCEOP Crew Supervisor, (253) 876-2839

Tyler Spencer, CCEOP Crew Supervisor, (253) 876-2858

Lena Baker, CCEOP Crew Supervisor, (253) 876-3343

Juanita Daniels, CCEOP Transporter, (253) 876-3080


Muckleshoot Tribal School Building “C”

38723 172nd Ave SE

Auburn, WA 98092