Hello everyone reading this! Most of you all know me as Kiwi. I am going to be telling you about my education story. I dropped out of high school at a young age but still attempted to get my GED on more than one occasion. I got discouraged and stopped trying because I couldn’t understand what they wanted to me to learn, just like high school, but that all changed when I got into the AWTP (Adult Work Training Program). I thought I was just going to float on through the program getting only help with my court stuff and drivers’ license, and then be on my way because I couldn’t believe that I was smart enough to get my GED. But guess what I did? I received my GED in December 2018 and now I am currently attending school at RTC (Renton Technical College) for Culinary Arts and, when I am finished, I will have my AA degree in Culinary Arts. So to those who felt the way I have, that you can’t do it, yes, yes you can because I did and now I am following my dreams and pursuing them in cooking. So after all of that being said, I would like to thank the AWTP staff, the Muckleshoot Tribal college staff, and any other persons that had encouraged me with positive talk.