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The Muckleshoot Journal – Volume One

Plant Medicine – The Healing Power of Plants

Want to be featured? The Muckleshoot Journal is looking for research articles, interviews, poetry, short stories, art and photography about the healing power of plants. An example would be an article about the healing befits of nettle tea. Also, academic research papers would be highly appreciated!

All submissions that are included in the journal will be entered into a raffle for prizes. Send all submissions to amy.maharaj@musckleshoot.nsn.us or drop by her office in room 206 at Muckleshoot Tribal College.

Deadline for submissions is January 10th, 2020.


“Native Science I feel relates so much to how Native Americans live their life. The medicinal plants are very much a part of that science. Native Americans lived off from the land. They used what they needed, and not any more than that. They made sure not to over-harvest their food crop. They planted seasonally, so that they utilized the land, without damaging it. When they used the plants, they made sure not to kill the plants. They used bark from trees for clothing, mats to sleep on, and for berry baskets. At no time did they kill the tree. There was a certain way to take the bark, and that was taught generation to generation. I was fortunate enough, to be able to go and gather cedar bark last year with the elders. I was really thankful for the lesson on how this is done.” –Dawn Miller